25 year veteran of telecoms industry in corporate, start-up and academic environments. Loves AI, IoT & computer vision. Ph.D in computer science.

Dr. Aidan Boran - Founder/CEO


Former Philips Healthcare Executive. 30 years experinence in business development, financial management and operations.

Larry Keaveney - COO


Consultant Geriatrician at Tallaght University Hospital. Sean provides the clinical direction for GaitKeeper team.

Prof. Sean Kennelly - Clinical Director


Former Acute hospital CEO. 30 years experience in healthcare policy, stragegy and development and management of mega-scale projects

John O'Brien - Health Economics


Leading physiotherapist in public health system. Research interests in frailty and geriatric medicine.

Gillian Harte - Lead Physio


GaitKeeper was designed based on input from Physiotherapistcs who carry out gait assessments daily. Only three quick steps are required.
  • Fast Setup

    One touch setup for common test setups.

  • Flexible Setup

    Augmented Reality provides virtual walkways

  • Guided Setup

    Each test setup is guided using visual and auditory feedback

  • User Authentication

    Secure user and transaction level authenication and encryption

  • Privacy Preserved

    No local storage of patient data.

  • 1080HD Video

    1080HD at 60 frames per second


Recording a Gait Assessment

Once a gait test layout is selected in the step 1, the user simply hits the record button. GaitKeeper records video from when the test starting condition is met until the test ending condition is met. Alternatively the user can stop recording at any time.

  • Guided Operation

    GaitKeeper start recording once the record button is pressed. Recording stops either when the patient crosses the end line of the test or the user presses stop button.

  • Realtime Feedback

    Visual and Audio feedback is given to ensure camera is stable, and video recording is proceeding.

  • Review & Process

    Once recording is complete, swipe left to review video or swipe right to send to the GaitKeeper system to generate results.

  • Foundational Data

    Gaitkeeper collects positional data from a range of upper, lower body and limbs.

  • Summary Data

    GaitKeeper computes a range of summary measurements like speed, step events

  • Gait Parameters

    GaitKeeper has been verified using both 3D motion capture and pressure mat systems

  • Event Data

    Records events for start and end of tests, foot pose positions.

  • Video Data

    For easy analysis, GaitKeeper overlays event and parameters data on original video

  • Longitundinal Data

    Each gait test can be compared with previous results.

GaitKeeper Patented Algorithms

GaitKeeper automatically creates position data for 20 body locations (i.e. shoulders, knees and ankle) for every frame of video. Using this data, GaitKeeper applies its patented algorithms to compute a wide variery of motion and gait parameters.


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